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ACTD believes that interventions for development and social transformation copied in blue-print from other regions of the world or being donor-oriented, have not and will not succeed in attaining the desired objectives. Only programs and interventions designed on the basis of the perceived needs of the community will achieve acceptance of the community and developmental benchmarks of the government and donors. Thus ACTD aims to act and advocate for interventions on the basis of data and evidence from the different groups of community obtained through different studies in the individual, community and institutional levels.
ACTD always designs projects and programs which are based on the ground realities and real needs of the communities and are in line with its vision, mission and strategies. These projects and programs are identified in close consultations, coordination and collaboration with the communities and all other stakeholders. Quality is given special attention in order to attain and maintain the client satisfaction at forefront.
To successfully design and implement its projects and programs ACTD established a research and development unit and tasked it with undertaking research and program development activities. The department embarks upon various collaborative research activities in different fields like health, education, public opinion, civil society issues and others in close collaboration with its stakeholders most importantly the communities.
The Research and Development Unit main responsibilities are research design; focus on research compliance conducting training, oversight of administration, support of research activities, support to research methodologies and transfer of knowledge generated through research
ACTD gives utmost importance to and adheres to ethical norms and principles in research which helps it to build public support. We know that people are more likely to fund and support research when they can trust the quality and integrity of it. While respecting and adhering to all the principle, we place very high emphasis on honesty, integrity, openness, objectivity and confidentiality in our research activities. We strive for honesty in all scientific communications and honestly report data, results, methods and procedures.
The purpose of our research always revolves around informing action and nurturing excellence in research. Furthermore, we try to keep our research of high quality in order to produce knowledge that is applicable outside of the research setting and the results have implications for policy and project implementation. We always strive to address the disconnect which usually exists between the research evidence base and implementation of research findings through involving the stakeholders from the start, publishing the research findings, encouraging the uptake of evidence-based interventions by presenting the research findings at various venues and sharing the results of the study to all stakeholders especially local officials, policy-makers, community leaders, general public and internally within the organization.

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